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At Rewards Live, you receive solid, actionable results by crowdsourcing your market research or general marketing needs. Easily promote your product or service to our members via our self-serve, intuitive and easy to use advertising platform.

Simple and effective marketing. Period.

Crowdsourced advertising features:

  • Cost Per Click, Cost Per Action, and Cost Per View.
  • Low Minimum Deposit in USD.
  • Advanced Fraud Detection.
  • Geo-Targeting by Country.
  • Flexible Ad Formats (IAB Banner Creatives)
  • 24/7 Fast Support. (We're here to help!)

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Rewards Live is really an innovative and simple to use website. I can get gift cards and free products by doing tasks and offers, but better yet- even through playing games and posting content! I'm definitely a member for life.

John, Rewards Live Member Since 2012

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